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The Bulgan province…

The front of beyond...

Beijing was the city of bicycles and constant tourist traps. Ulaanbaatar is the city of constantly polished four-wheel drives and unmarked, open manhole covers in the middle of the street.

It’s a pretty ugly place, a place where the nomads have definitely been forced to settle. The people who fill the streets look pissed off to be here. It’s like some wild west outpost, but with even less charm.

Today I went to the market with a French couple for them to find some rope and some “cheap but not bitchy” shoes and for me to get me some riding boots.  In the end they cost me 30,000 tukrug (15 Euros).

I’m heading off into the Bulgan province for six days tomorrow.  No Internet. No phones. Just some nomads, horses, gers and two pairs of clean pants…


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