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The beginning…

My intended route...version nº37

I’ve never written a diary.

Well, I did once for a couple of months, but that was for somebody else. So this is going to be my first. The first proper one.

I’m going to visit my sister in Australia. Plane journeys have started to get on my nerves lately. So I’m catching a bus from the Avenida de America bus station, at 7:30am from Madrid to Venice, on 30th March, exactly thirty-one days from today. I’ll then be on the road for seventy days and should arrive at my sister Philippa’s house in Brisbane on 8th June.

My route will take me through Southern and Southeast Europe, Russia/Siberia, Mongolia, China and finally Australia. Crossing thirteen countries and covering approximately twelve thousand miles.

Is that worth starting a diary for?

We’ll see…


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